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"Changing lives one small Group at a time"

As women, we face countless obstacles that can make it easy to forget our true purpose. But deep down, we know we were created for a unique and meaningful reason. Finding that purpose can be overwhelming on our own, which is why we've created Purpose Groups.


We have groups for different ages and seasons of life, so you can connect with other women who are going through similar experiences. Here, you'll discover not just your calling, but also a supportive community that will help you navigate life's challenges and equip you to become the incredible woman that God intended you to be. 

Purpose Groups

What is coming next...


Finance Challenge

At PDW Outreach, we're all about empowering women to tackle challenges with confidence and support. This May, we're diving into our finances and setting goals that will help us achieve greater financial security and independence. We'll be learning how to budget effectively, holding each other accountable, and practicing good stewardship of our resources - all while growing in our faith and trusting God's plan for our lives. Are you ready to take charge of your financial future? Join us and let's do this together!


Already a Wife

Already a Wife emphasizes the importance of personal growth, character development, and spiritual maturity as foundational elements in building a healthy and fulfilling marriage. The class encourages participants to embrace their current state of singleness as an opportunity to invest in themselves and their relationship with God, to develop the qualities that make a good wife, and to trust in God's timing for bringing the right partner into their lives. The class teaches that being a wife is not just a title or a role, but a way of living that reflects God's love, grace, and wisdom in all aspects of life.

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